We’ve Been Skunked!

So, my first WordPress entry stinks! Well, okay the entry doesn’t stink, we do! The house is full of lovely, skunky-turned acrid smell. Aside from waiting it out and giving Aslan a “Skunk-Out” bath, I’m not sure what else to do!

It all happened last night… I came home from practice around 9:30 p.m. When I got out of the car, I smelled the familiar perfume and thought, “One of these days, that skunk is gonna get somebody.” Well, sure enough, this was the night! The smell intensified as I got to the door, gear-laden and tired. When I opened the door, I was not prepared for the intensity of the smell to increase times ten. Well, as the story goes, Aslan and Lucy chased a skunk in the back yard. Aslan got hit, but believe it or not, I cannot tell where. When I sniff him close, there is no definitive oily smelly spot. Compared to Lucy, he definitely has a lingering odor, where Lucy smells somewhat normal. Well, it was a smelly night and of course Aslan has to sleep at my feet while working today! I just cannot deny him his usual daily affection either just because the poor guy stinks! I found myself holding my breath for inordinate amounts of time and getting dizzy!!

So my first day of  summer hours will consist of writing my first WordPress entry, use my new battery powered weed-whacker, learn a new bass line, and figuring out how to de-skunk my puppy!



6 thoughts on “We’ve Been Skunked!

  1. How your feet smell???
    That smell was in my nose for weeks when out Pit was skunked bad. Because Hank has no ability to smell (no clue why). He let her in the house and on our couch! Not fun. ;(


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