Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Well, it’s been a terrific couple weeks.  I’m sure it’s not surprising news that we now have two of the most adorable, sweet, little kitties in the land named ‘Peek-a’ and ‘Boo’ (thank you Ryan and Tadan for entrusting us with your kitties!)  After all, our family pretty much monopolized Facebook feeds with their every move and name opinion polls… (if you only knew the pictures and videos we did NOT share!) but in all candidness, we are enjoying our menagerie of pets so much that it is hard to think of doing anything else except spend all our time with them.  Alas, we do have other obligations to the Hawes ‘farm’, so focus we must!  🙂  Here are a few pictures of our veggie garden.

Mulch Delivery

Mulch delivery!

Welcome to my garden

Welcome to the garden…

Beautiful raised beds and walkways

Neatly mulched rows and walkways… soothing to the eyes…

All the hard work that we did last year in building in the wooden boxes into the raised beds have proved amazingly time saving this year.  We had the garden weeded and planted within days vs. weeks.  This year we put mulch down to try and combat the weeds.  It’s called ‘eco-mulch’ and is different from regular pine bark mulch.  It is supposed to keep the weeds at bay and turns the soil beneath into rich humus.  We’re putting this around the house gardens as well.

Hawes ‘farm’ you ask?  As a kid visiting my aunt who raised a couple cows and pigs for meat and chickens for eggs, I fell in love with working and simply being in a barn.  She had horses, too, which I learned to ride.  I would love to have a couple of horses and some sheep.  The fresh hay scents as well as the pungent manure all melded into that wonderful ‘au de barn’ smell that you just can’t get in a Yankee candle.  I hope that one day the field next-door already fitted with a barn and chicken coop could be ours, but until then, we take care of, love and are satisfied and thankful for all that we have here which keeps us quite busy now!

Today we had some exciting news!  Meg was interviewed by ‘The Daily Quirk” and it was published today!  She is now one of their regular bloggers!  I’m so proud of her.  She has a great eye for photography and they found her Tumbler blog and liked her style!  Here is the link to the interview:  http://thedailyquirk.com/2012/06/26/tumblr-tuesday-ct-working-girl-who-wishes-she-was-cookin-instead/

Hope you have a chance to read it.  While you’re at it, visit her Tumbler:  http://hawesme.tumblr.com/  She’s so busy that she’s hired a couple of assistants:

Blogging Staff 2
I will leave you with a few more pictures of these cuties with a promise to try not to monopolize my future blogs with cute animal pictures… I said “try” – I cannot promise.
Shoulder pal
                                                                  Shoulder Pal
Hey - what about meeee
                                                        Hey, I’m ova here ya know…
                                                             What about Meeeee!   🙂

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