Hawesome Hawbanero Hawt Sauce!

It’s been a great weekend.  I love the heat.  Seriously, I do.  The only reason I have an air conditioner in my room is for the pups, otherwise I love the summer heat – especially all the goodness that summer heat brings.  Inspired by summer heat and a recipe I found in bon appetit magazine, I am making my own hot sauce – just for fun.  One does not visit the country of India five times without developing an appreciation for hotness in their food.  I am definitely not one that prefers spicy hot, but I have many family and friends who love it, so this is mostly for them.  The recipe is very easy – no cooking on the stove since the habanero peppers provide all the heat necessary.  I am going to label it ‘Hawesome Hawbanero Hawt Sauce’!  Pretty catchy, huh?  🙂  Yesterday I bought two pounds of habanero hot peppers at Whole Foods.  Meg and I had a blast there.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been.  Their produce is amazing.  The store was quite overwhelming with all the specialty items they have.  It will take a few visits for me to not be mentally exhausted taking in all the details of green, organic lifestyle – perhaps a topic of a future post.  So today when I came home from church, I did the first step in making the sauce:  de-stemming the peppers and processing them with kosher salt.  I am making a double batch (I always make double batches of most everything I make.)  The peppers are now happily beginning a little ferment cycle.  Then I add vinegar and finish the fermenting in a day or two.  Here are pictures of this first part of the process.

The habanero’s all prepared for processing:


Processing to a chunky pulp:



Put into jars for a little fermenting until step number two can be completed.


So… stay tuned for the completion of the Hawesome Hawbenero Hawt Sauce recipe!

Of course, a blog post would not be complete without the latest antics of the menagerie… so we had given the kittens their own ball of yarn to play with because they kept tearing apart the one I was using.  After having a wonderful dip in the pool and soaking up some rays, this is what I came in the house to find:


Oh, yes.  Caught red-handed.  And true to form when I asked them WHAT they were DOING!  Lucy, all wiggly and always eager to please, immediately dropped the yarn ball and came over to sit in obedience before me… as you can see, Aslan didn’t find it that big a deal…


Unfortunately, I am not very good at holding my facial expressions.  I have never been able to display any other facial expression other than what I feel – and in this case, it was laughter.  Hence, the next picture – okay I guess it was not that big a deal.  Aslan is true to his name.  Very wise.  🙂


He just continued on with his yarn ball fun.  Hey, it kept them busy for an hour!

While I was busy with my hot sauce (and vat of spaghetti sauce) making, Meg was busy with her inspiration which we got to enjoy:  Blackberry Nectarine Galette.  Yes, it was as delish as it looks!Image

I don’t have the ‘baked’ picture yet, but will post it next time.

Until then, enjoy the heat!


11 thoughts on “Hawesome Hawbanero Hawt Sauce!

  1. Okay – I’ve replied to this THREE times. Not impressed with WordPress comment function. Anyway….again I say: THAT’S IT!!! Hawesome Hawbanero Hawt Sawes is perfect!! I’m am sorry for the loss of sleep, however, you will receive the fruits of your labor in the mail – send me your mailing address: JodyRTR@me.com – I sure hope it’s good and you don’t die after eating it! Ha ha ha! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity and interest in my summer fun project – I so enjoyed the laughs and great ideas!


    • … and I realized I was fixated on all words beginning with “H” for no reason. Ha ha! It’s much better for the words to be some permutation of Hawes. 🙂


  2. just a quick question for you j, are you quite certain that this recipe is deemed safe for home usage? no need to make the ultimate sacrifice for gastronomy!
    i think that simply, Hawes Sawse, has a nice ring to it… but if you if you like writing tons in a tiny space then: Hawesome Hawbanero Hawt Hooch or Hawesome Hawbanero Hawt Hodgepodge are contenders… i have really had little sleep wrestling with this…


  3. i don’t know…. Hawesome Hawbanero Hawt Hash. Hawesome Hawbanero Hawt Hooey….Hawesome Hawbanero Hawt Hoppy…. See where i am trying to go with this….. but i am just not reaching it yet….


    • Ba ha ha ha! Karen, you COMPLETELY travelled my train of thought in trying to think of the name! I have not been able to come up with the final “H” synonym to “sauce”… if you do, I will send you some all the way to Eugene – that is, if you like hot sauce!! 🙂 Thanks for the belly laugh!


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