What’s in a name?

Names are important so I felt a little history on this blog name was in order.  If you know even a little about me, you know I love bees… honey… honeycombs… hives… love it all.  There is something about the humble honey bee that I identify with.  Maybe it’s their industrious nature and the whole beehive community mentality – or the fact that bees produce such a sweet, lovely product with many healing properties… I’m not 100% sure, but the bee and its’ associations have become a life-theme for me.  The funny thing is that I am deathly allergic to their sting!  That does not deter me though.  I’m even contemplating taking up beekeeping.  Have epi-pen, will bee-keep!  🙂  The jury is still out on that, but not completely ruled out.  Raising chickens for fresh eggs might be the safer option for me.  Also, another tie into the name of this blog is my favorite proverb:  “Pleasant words are like a honeycomb ~ sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24  It is very fitting as a life-theme and also for a blog that I hope will be enjoyable, interesting, informative, maybe fun, and even make you laugh – either with me or at me!  I have a very odd sense of humor.  🙂

Then there’s the other part of me – I work at a pharmaceutical.  When I was thinking of new blog names for bees and honey and sweet things, I thought of the Mary Poppins song, “Spoonful of Sugar”… “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down… in the most delightful way”  Of course!  That was it… sugar and medicine in the same sentence!  Beside the fact that we have a timeshare at the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont where the Trapp Family still lives…  They are the family this wonderful classic musical was based on, so it is entrenched in our being as a family… Alas, ‘Spoonful of Sugar’ was already taken.  Well what a perfect time to innovate without loosing the gist of it… “Spoonful of Honey!”  YES!   So, that’s the story for now, until I find other ways to improve upon it.


So you may be wondering:  “Whasup wit dat ‘JovyBeee’ name?”  🙂  Ha ha – so yeah, it started out as a type-o.  You kno – Jody… Jovy… but when it happened I was thinking I might like to have a pseudonym for my blog and internet presence… and I love the movie ‘Elf’ that had the singing character ‘Jovy’ and that was that.  It morphed to my Instagram @jovybee with my pseudonym and love of bees… but of course, ‘Bee’ was already taken… so then 3 ‘e’s’ in ‘Beee’ was born because I mostly love the trinity more than all… and there ya go!  @JovyBeee – happy and buzzing along.  🙂


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