A New Day

Well, so much for the old adage: “Time flies when you’re having fun”… I can attest to the fact that time flies when you are having fun and also when you are not having fun!  Although I seriously question whether I am cut out for anything that requires regular attention, I will give myself at least a little credit for trying this blog thing again.

I won’t even attempt to fill in for the gap between the last entry and this one, but hopefully the key events of the last year and a half will find their way to this blog at some point.

Today is a dreary, rainy, yet cozy, quiet and soothing fall day. Somehow, even though it is raining, the fall colors brighten the view out the windows and give an amazing glow to the room inside. Instead of the usual flurry of Saturday activities, I have accomplished quiet, thoughtful things like cleaning out piles of papers and catalogs and other small organizational tasks. I love how each day is new and no matter what yesterday brought, the new day brings the promise of hope and starting again fresh and new. It is so interesting to me how on one hand, I love and eagerly embrace the newness; and on the other hand, I treasure [read:  hang on to] the old. For example, I am not able to easily get rid of things that I associate with a fond memory or event – even though I know I will never wear, or look at, or live through again. I know I am not alone in this.  Letting go is hard, but I am learning to do it. I can do it easily if there are no memories or fond associations with the thing – and it is this feeling of accomplishment with getting rid of just ‘stuff’ that spurs me on to make progress with the things that have a grip on my heart strings.

Today did not start out rainy, but gave every indication that the rain was coming.  It was a ‘red sky in morning, sailor take warning’ kind of start.  Except instead of red, the sky was a breath-taking pink.  The pink shining through the fall leaves was a sight to behold.  I tried to take a picture of it, but unfortunately, the picture does not do it justice.

Red Sky in Morning...

Here are a few more pics of fall-ness around the house this year.

Silver Pumpkins

Silver Pumpkins


Fall Topiaries

Fall Topiaries and a Christmas welcome mat. Ha!





Re-blooming Iris

A garden surprise this morning – a re-blooming iris that actually re-bloomed this fall. ❤️

Looking forward to another new day tomorrow.  I wonder what surprises it will bring!