Memories – Our Years in Review

Arriving at The First Church of Christ in Clinton, CT in the ‘Shadow’ a classic old Rolls Royce.

Maid of Honor – Melinda Moore; Brides Maids from L to R – Amy Roberts, Sigrid LaFrance and Lynn Roberts

Ed and I taking our vows.

The Postlude

At Bill Miller’s in Branford for our reception. Yes, the fire was going – it was October.

Ed’s Berlinetta

First Day at GMAC!

Ed cutting wood at my parent’s house in East Canaan, CT.

The view overlooking my parent’s house and barn and the dairy farm across the street… gorgeous.

My parent’s house.

The much anticipated wedding is over… onto married life.

Horseback riding in the Bahamas. Our very first plane ride and vacation!

Ed with his Bahama’s T-Shirt!

Ed and I for an event. I made my outfit.

Passport Picture!

This is 1979.

Our First Thanksgiving Dinner…

Our First Christmas Tree

Setting the Star in place.

An ornament I made…

So, although I’m having a bit of difficulty learning how to create a page the way I want it to be, I hope you enjoy this little blast from the past.  It’s is 1979 and 1980.  Ed and I met in 1979 and married in 1980.  I hope to include highlights of other notable years for our family.


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