Cuckoo for Coconut!

There’s just something about coconut… it’s my favorite flavor.  I have a Pinterest board dedicated to it.  I think I have links to just about every coconut recipe ever made.  I’ve gone through a phase of making a bunch of coconut recipes… and have been on a 3 or 4 year quest to find the perfect coconut cake recipe that is both uncomplicated and a perfect balance of coconut and cake and frosting.  I think I’ve finally found it!  I’ve put a link to my copy of the recipe at the end of this post since I cannot find the original link.  Forget trying to search for ‘coconut cake’ – there are a MILLION recipes!

Here are some of the recent things I’ve made with coconut and the other abundance this summer – zucchini (links to recipes under each picture):


Coconut Pancakes


Zucchini Coconut Bread


Zucchini Butter

This last month has been the most excellent gardening month.  I have enjoyed the flowers’ gorgeous display every day.  The zinnia have actually spent themselves in showiness and because they are in a window box planter, they are done.  I’m setting out today to get some late summer/early fall replacements.  Here are some summer flower favorite pictures:

IMG_3419My favorite Stargazer Lilly


Hardy Ivy Geraniums


Phlox, Daisies and Coneflowers


Zebra Grass planted near the pool

This weekend is peach-picking weekend with Meg.  We always have so much fun going to Lyman’s orchards.  It is another gorgeous weather weekend and I have to say – it is hard to watch the news and see other parts of the country getting battered with extreme weather while we here in CT are having probably one of the best summers I can ever remember.  I actually have a tan this year and have been able to enjoy the pool.  I am savoring every moment.  I have learned that you have to savor every good moment in life because you never know when it will take a turn.  We have been through a stretch of twelve years of pretty big difficulties, so I think that is why this summer is even that much more appreciated and sweet.  Hoping the goodness stays this way for a little while anyway…

I know – you are amazed.  I have managed to write a post without one mention of Aslan, Lucy, Peeka or Leila.  🙂

Here is a link to my favorite Coconut Cake recipe – I hope you like it too:


Coconut Cake